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Thursday, 13 September, 2018


$uperBorder$ is the brand name for Border Leicester rams that are of high genetic merit in maternal traits such as:New Armatree SuperBorders

  • Fertility
  • Milk Yield
  • Growth Rate

$uperborder$ are easily identified by their official yellow $uperborder$ button ear tags.

$uperBorder$ Inc is made up of 20 Border Leicester studs from five states who have realised that selling rams on visual appearance alone may favour early born single animals, but by using genetic evaluation provided by Lambplan, late born multiples are able to have their genetic potential revealed.

Rams that are marketed as $uperBorder$ are rams that are above average for the breed, based on $ index figure on the 15th August Lambplan run each year.  Not all rams sold by $uperBorder members are necessarily $uperBorder quality, but rest assured, they are bred by committed, registered breeders, striving for strong genetic gain.  $uperBorder rams must be structurally correct, and of good breed type.

$uperBorder breeders are required to maintain links through the use of common sires.  This is usually achieved through AI programs and participation in Sheep CRC research flocks.  By having progeny by common sires run in different environments and under different management regimes, Lambplan is able to isolate the genetic factors from the environmental ones and calculate accurate and meaningful ASBVs (Australian Sheep Breeding Values).

First Cross lambs which are sired by 100% $uperBorder rams may be sold as "Bred from $uperBorder$".  Special yellow pen cards and $uperBorder ear tags are available to identify these sheep.  Talk to us for more information on these products.

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