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Thursday, 13 September, 2018



When: Thursday September 13, 2018

Time: Commences 1pm

This is our 10th on Property Ram Sale

Inspection from 11am

Complementary BBQ Lunch @ 12pm

Auction begins 1pm




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 New Armatree Border Leicester is excited to use the new app, RamSelect.


RamSelect is a new and powerful tool for buyers that simplifies the use of Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) for purchasing rams.

It allows the ram buyer to define their own breeding objective and then identify rams with ASBVs that best match the breeding objective. The tool:

    • Searches all rams that are available for sale in the Sheep Genetics database.
    • Allows commercial producers to specify their breeding objective in a direct way, by specifying how much emphasis they wish to place on the important commercial traits. Default settings, based on standard industry indexes, are provided as a first step and are a reference point for those developing a customised objective.
    • Ranks available sale rams according to the objective.
    • Provides easy access to additional ASBV details.
    • Allows ram purchases to be tracked over time, so they can provide an accurate benchmark of genetic merit of the commercial flock.

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News from previous years' Ram Sale

New Armatree Rams to $1800 Four Times

Article Courtesy of “The Land” Thursday, September 18th 2014

In a total auction clearance, 71 rams averaged $913 with four topping at $1800 at Craig and Jenny Bradley’s sixth annual New Armatree Border Leicester on-property ram sale at Armatree.
The four sale-toppers were among 38 $uperBorder which sold for an average of $1109. The stud principals were delighted with the result and the many return clients who bought rams, several being multi-lot buyers.
They have been performance recording with LambPlan for 10 years and have the flock classed by Allen Casey, Orange. Two buyers who paid top money included repeat buyer of five years, Brian Plummer, “Trigoona”, Tottenham, who bought five rams for a $1460 average, while Brett Wilson, “Girrahween”, Coonamble, returned to secure three rams to average $1467.
David Greig, “Bellevue”, Tottenham, purchased a number of grade rams last year and as they performed well he returned to buy eight rams from the sale, topping at $1100 (twice) to average $906. Doug Wilson, “Woodlea”, Balladoran, returned to pay an average of $1333 for three $uperBorder rams topping at $1700 while Phil Mills, “Warrah”, Tottenham, bought seven rams to $1100 averaging $900.
Ken Foran, “Kooringle”, Gilgandra, picked up five rams to $1100 and average $810 close behind Mark Ferguson, “Rossmuir”, Armatree, who paid an average of $875 for four rams topping at $1050.
Regular seller of first-cross ewes and store lambs at Narrmoine’s monthly store sale, Tony Smith of Eumalga Partnership, “Broadwater”, Warren, also returned to secure 13 rams for an average $700 while another return buyer, Griffith Enterprises, “Green Camp”, Nyngan, bought 11 rams to $700 to average $609.



























New Armatree Borders to $1050

Courtesy of the THE LAND, Thurs September 19, 2013

A solid clearance was achieved as first-cross ewe producers took 58 of the 73 New Armatree Border Leicester rams offered by the Bradley family at their annual sale at Armatree last week.
The well-presented, even line of young sires were shared among repeat and new purchasers, topping at $1050 to average $670, slightly back on last year’s top and average which is an indication across most sales this spring.
Buyers backed the ram’s performance and the stud’s breeding objectives, the rams identified as Super Borders attracted a premium.
Long-term clients the Taylor family, Gulargambone, were chasing real Border Leicester-type rams with good bone and purchased six rams, including the $1050 top price. “We try to buy good even wool rams, to achieve a real even line of first-cross ewes, that the family usually sell through Narromine sheep sales,” Geoff Taylor said. “We are happy with the New Armatree rams and like the way the Bradley family has progressed their stud in only their fifth on-property Sale’.

New Armatree Border Leicesters top at $1050




















Pictured with the top priced ram are L to R,  Geoff Taylor, Peta Bradley, Sally Taylor and Henry Taylor.

Volume buyer was Tony Smith, Warren, who averaged $570 for his draft of 15. Mr Smith likes to join good solid Border rams with good figures to Merino ewes, producing first-cross ewes, which paid off as he topped the Narromine sheep sale last month.
Griffith Pastoral, Nyngan, purchased 13 rams, five more than last year to average $608.
Multiple buyers included Mark Ferguson, who purchased for Colmarde Partnership, Armatree paying $1000 for six, averaging $742; Garry and Luke Zell, Combara, who purchased rams with stylish white wool and took home five averaging $650, while Brett Wilson, Coonamble, purchased three averaging $783.
Other buyers included Mick Inder, Dunedoo; Tom Woods, Narromine, and Ted Charnley, Armatree, all taking three rams each.
The sale was conducted by Halcroft and Bennett, Coonamble and Gulargambone with Steve Colwell as the auctioneer.

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